Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday Micro-Adventure

Landing Craft



Log Ride
Cottonwood 1
Cottonwood 2


Creek Crossing

Morel 1

Morel 2

Morel 3

Forrest Light




Monday, March 23, 2015

Ring of Fire - gear

We've been sponsored two bikes from Salsa for our upcoming Ring of Fire expedition. 
We'll be using a two-person Gnu packraft and a Alpacka trailer to haul our bikes on this trip. 

The Gnu is a very fast two-person packraft. This one has a zipper which allows us to stow all our gear within the boat, making it more stable and less influenced by wind. On long open water crossings we plan to employ a sapling keel under the two rafts to better assist with tracking. 

Our roughly 1,000 mile wilderness route from Juneau to Homer, by bike and raft.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Fox River Micro-Adventure

Head of Kachemak Bay

Kachemak Selo Eagles

Frozen Paradise 

Leaving the river


Ice encased river rocks

Busy Beavers

Full Moonrise over the Fox River


Carver in Moonlight

Trusty steed

Frozen Trail

Back to the Bay

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Friday Photography Show

Come join me this Friday at 6:00PM (August 1, 2014) for my First Friday photography art show in Seward, at Eight Arms Printing.

Corners of Alaska

Adventure photography from the wilderness.

Artist Statement:

Whether by bike, packraft, kayak or foot, the camera is a constant companion on my human-powered adventures through Alaska - my birth home. Photography helps me translate some of my love affair with this land and is a reminder why I live and dream the way I do.

To have just the right equipment but not too much is a balancing act when adventuring in big, wild landscapes. Many photographers would recoil to see the way I carry my camera strapped to my body in a home made dry bag while fording rivers or plunging knee deep into overflow at -20º, but the risk to equipment and body is diminished by the value of capturing images in hard to reach corners of Alaska.

I attempt to keep my work honest and not stray too far from the vision of the event as seen in real life. However, photographs are made not taken and I labor over the details of each image before calling it done. Rules are meant to be broken but how the artist breaks them defines the artist. My highest hope is to tell a good story and leave the viewer with a desire to return to the image again and again.

-Bjørn Olson

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kobuk River

The Jade Mountains from the Kobuk River.

Caribou antlers on the tundra.

Boat driver on the Kobuk River

A break from the rain.

Wildflower #1

Wildflower #2

Wildflower #3

Walking on the tundra.

Going fishing

Carving cottonwood bark

Pollinating wildflowers

Cotton grass

Elders Camp


Looking for porcupine

Done for the day

Evening catch

John Gaedeke of
Charter to Ambler

Jill Yordy of Northern Environmental Center

Ambler BMX rider

Ambler Traditional Council building

Skiffs on the banks of the Kobuk

Frank tending to his skiff

Antlers on the tundra

Billy launching his skiff

Mountains from the river

Driving to Kiana


Kobuk youth at Elders Camp

Elders Camp

Cotton Grass

Group photo

Chores before bed

She fish