Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Salsa Ride Camp

Salsa Cycles hosted their first annual Salsa Ride Camp this fall in Wisconsin. Kim and I were honored to attend and give a slideshow/presentation. This event surpassed any expectation I may have had. Thank you all. I hope this becomes a new tradition.


Three night camp-out.

Justin Julien

Demo Bikes

Derek Reynolds

Jay P

Peanut Gallery

Ready to Ride

Hansi in his element.

Group Ride

Single Track Bliss 1

Single Track Bliss 2

Single Track Bliss 3

Log Ride 1

Log Ride 2

Single Track Bliss 4

Beautiful Days


El Captain 

Morning Mist 1

Morning Mist 2

Jay P

Lil Rippers 1

Lil Rippers 2 
Ground Control


Kim and I are suffering symptoms associated with having our minds blown by the amazing people of Minnesota. We were invited to give a presentation at Salsa's Ride Camp and spent six days in the care of people who's pedigree I can only assume descends from lion hearted revolutionaries, outcast monks, calloused handed romantics, truth-seekers and artists of noble lineage. I am humbled by their treatment and willingness to share, and am honored that my circle has expended into a greater ellipse.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday Micro-Adventure

Landing Craft



Log Ride
Cottonwood 1
Cottonwood 2


Creek Crossing

Morel 1

Morel 2

Morel 3

Forrest Light