Friday, August 9, 2013

Hunting for Monsters

 Helenka B.
 Lake Iliamna
Kvichak Mud
 Bike Swimming
 Dry Chain
Self Portrait
 In the Saddle Again
 Tundra Riding
Storm Brewing
 Sockeye Salmon
 Knudson Bay
 Clear Water
 Easy Riding
 Packraft Shadow
 Drying Rack
 Ulu Master

Hunting for Monsters
 Short Portage
 Shelter Cabin
 Blurred Margin
 Sport Guide
 Fixed Wing on Floats
Ghosts are everywhere
 Ridden Hard
Tall grass


  1. beautiful pictures, great story!...cheers!

  2. neat looking trip, especially the tundra riding. maybe a loop around the lake with two bikes and an 8 lb a new "Alpa-canoe" and a fly rod for rainbows would be better for older folks.

  3. Thanks Roman. I too would like to incorporate the 'Gnu' on a bike/rafting trip. It may be the ticket. A buddy and I are in the process of making a light weight two pronged, fishing spear head that will fit in your back pocket. Cut a alder handle in the field, clip onto spear head and jab like a caveman. Hope to begin jabbing trials soon.

  4. Hey Amigo- As an alternative to the two pronged spear, consider fabricating a Hawaiian tool called a Kage. (kah-geh') Take a 6-8" length of 5/16" threaded stainless steel rod and sharpen one end to spear point. The other end will attach to the Alder by whatever method you design. The threads on the rod keep the fish from sliding off and the single spear tip is easier to thrust into the fish. (like a caveman) Been using them on the kayak for a couple of years and have stuck fish to 30 lbs. Enjoy. Keep the awesome photos coming and swing by the shop next time you're in Seward.

  5. Christopher - I checked out the Kage - it looks awesome. When my machinist buddy returns I will try to make one. It does make more sense from a practical, easy to carry point of view. However, I sure have had a hell of a time stabbing live fish in the past with sharpened pints. Not that I've ever tried. :) It's amazing that the threads are enough to keep the fish from backing out but I guess the scales kind of bind to the threads?? I will certainly give it a try. Thanks for the heads up.