Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summers Last Kiss

 summers last kiss
 clear skies
 calm seas
 from above
 near shore
 rock garden
 grassy spit
 mussel dinner
 riding in tall grass
 over the hill
 clear and calm
 crank free bike-wacking
 rock garden #2
 cabin in the woods
 mossy spruce
 checking the map
 road of ghosts
 gulf of alaska
 kenai fjords
 up the mountain
 down the mountain
 the return
 seldovia harbor
alaskan adventure rig


  1. Nice shots. Wondering what trail / route this alaskan adventure took place on. Thanks.

  2. Ayaz- this route was in Kackemak Bay, out to the outer gulf coast of Alaska and back into Kackemak Bay. The state park is currently a no bicycle park and so it'd be a little immoral for me to show the route on a map. However, we've been trying to convince the park that they need to change this antiquated rule and allow bikes. If you or anyone else would like to see the park open to cyclists please write a letter to state parks at: