Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Warm January becomes frozen and snowless February
Mid-day refueling

The key to winter camping - a wood stove

Morning dawns through the spruce


  1. what kind of tent is that? what is the purpose of the flap at the top of the zipper, is there a vent underneath that can open to release condensation? interesting design. Also, do your hydroflasks freeze overnight? curious why you'd use those instead of lighter klean canteens. looking forward to your gear reviews. Love Heidi

  2. Mo'o Lovesbikes - the shelter is a Mountain Laurel Designs floor-less mega mid. There is a vent on the top panel of the shelter which may prove to be unnecessary as the fabric breaths well enough. In the morning the frost covers the entire surface of the inside of the shelter from our breath but within 5 minutes of lighting the stove, it all evaporates through the fabric.
    I don't have a good answer on the thermos other than they are the ones we have and no, they have yet to freeze overnight - so far.