Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kobuk River

The Jade Mountains from the Kobuk River.

Caribou antlers on the tundra.

Boat driver on the Kobuk River

A break from the rain.

Wildflower #1

Wildflower #2

Wildflower #3

Walking on the tundra.

Going fishing

Carving cottonwood bark

Pollinating wildflowers

Cotton grass

Elders Camp


Looking for porcupine

Done for the day

Evening catch

John Gaedeke of
Charter to Ambler

Jill Yordy of Northern Environmental Center

Ambler BMX rider

Ambler Traditional Council building

Skiffs on the banks of the Kobuk

Frank tending to his skiff

Antlers on the tundra

Billy launching his skiff

Mountains from the river

Driving to Kiana


Kobuk youth at Elders Camp

Elders Camp

Cotton Grass

Group photo

Chores before bed

She fish 

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